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Is Yoga Good for Kidney?

2012-10-17 14:24

is yoga good for kidneyYoga, as a commonly known generic term for physical, is said to have medical treatment, so many kidney disease patients wonder if their kidney problem can be cured through yoga. Here, we will introduce how yoga is related with out kidney.

Firstly, yoga, as the combination of physical activity and spirit, indeed benefit us much. Yoga allows our body to restore and revitalize itself, and many types of yoga poses can improve the health of the our kidney. Therefore, if one does yoga regularly, her risk of developing kidney problem will be lower than these who do not.

However, although yoga has kidney benefits, not everyone will be certainly allowed to do yoga. We know some yoga poses need us to have twist, back bends or some other more difficult postures. For healthy people, it is ok, but for some kidney disease patients, they may not allowed to do these twisty poses. For instance: PKD is a hereditary disease and marked by countless cysts in kidney. These cysts are filled with yellow fluid and enlarge over time. When these cysts enlarge to a certain size, they rupture easily and they may even rupture because of light knock on the waist location. In such a condition, sufferers need to protect their waist from any possible poses. Therefore, for patients with big cysts in kidney, they are usually not allowed to do yoga.

Besides, patients who have serious kidney condition feel tired easily because of anemia, so in daily life, they need to have a good rest and avoid being tired. Therefore, before they really start yoga, they also need to get the approval of their doctors.

Yoga, as a physical exercises, indeed benefits us very much, but if we do not use it properly, they will become a risk factor for our health. Therefore, no matter you are a kidney disease patient or not, please take yoga properly and avoid taking poses that out of our physical ability.

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