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Moderate Physical Activities Have Renal Benefits

2013-03-04 10:57

Moderate physical activities have renal benefits, so no matter you are a kidney problem sufferer, or a healthy individual, having regular moderate physical activities is helpful for you to have better kidneys. Now, let's have a further understanding about how moderate physical activities benefit our kidney.

1. Moderate physical activities promote blood circulation, which can increase blood flowing into kidneys. Kidney is just like a filter and helps us to filter our blood, during which various metabolins are excreted and meanwhile, nutrient substances are kept in our body. Therefore, moderate physical activities contribute to the prevention of renal ischemia.

2. Moderate physical activities increases our immunity. We human being can live healthily without being affected by bacteriums and viruses in the air due to our strong immune system. Our immune system endow us ability to against antigen and this ability is called immunity.

According to studies, about 95% cases of kidney problem occur because of immunodeficiency which leads to poor immunity directly. Low immunity allows antigen invade our body and form immune complexes in the blood. Immune complexes circulate with blood and when they deposit in kidney, inflammatory response occurs and kidney damages occur as well. Therefore, through regular moderate physical activities, our immunity can be increased and as a result, our risk of developing kidney problem is reduced at the same time.

3. Moderate physical activities has function to remit bad emotion. Good emotion is helpful for us to develop a healthy life style. Also, regular physical exercises allow us to maintain a healthy body weight, which is of primary importance for us to prevent Diabetes and also Diabetic Nephropathy.

Moderate physical activities actually not only have kidney benefits, but also heart benefits and so on. Therefore, insisting on a regular physical exercises and enabling ourselves to live a better life.

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