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Treatments for Fanconi Syndrome

2012-10-21 16:04

Fanconi syndrome is a group of clinical manifestations including acidosis, electrolyte disorders (hypokakemia, low sodium and low phosphorus in blood), rickets and growth retardation.

We know that kidneys have the functions of producing urine at the same time of discharging metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body and maintaining the balances of water, electrolyte and acid-base. Each kidney is consisted of more than 1 million nephrons which are made up of renal renal tubules, renal glomerulus and renal capsules.

Renal tubules have the functions of re-absorption, secretion and excretion. Fanconi syndrome is caused by the dysfunction of the proximal renal tubules and there will be loss of large amount of glucose, amino acid, phosphate and bicarbonate in urine.

What are the symptomatic treatments for Fanconi syndrome?

1. Rectify acidosis including the supplement of sodium bicarbonate or natrium citricum. And at the same time potassium should be supplied and the concentration of potassium in blood should be under close monitoring while taking these medicines.

2. Treatments for rickets and low phosphate acidosis. The supply of vitamin D can help alleviate rickets and phosphate mixture can help rectify hypophosphatemia.

3. As for the amino acid, sugar and protein leakage in urine, generally no special treatment is needed.

4. For those that develop into the stage of kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant may be needed.

As we know that the root cause of Fanconi syndrome is damage of the renal tubules, therefore the first step is to remove the original causes and then seek treatments to repair renal damages so as to alleviate the acidosis and other symptoms. Herbal medicines can help regulate the disorders and imbalances in the body and gradually repair and recover the renal tubular functions.

In daily life, it is recommended that Fanconi syndrome patients should drink more water and have more fresh fruits such as watermelon, litchi and maintain daily urine output of more than 1500ml.

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