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What Symptoms We May Have with Fanconi Syndrome

2012-10-19 14:49

If you are a Fanconi Syndrome patient, you may suffer from the followings symptoms. These symptoms may not appear at one time and usually appear gradually with the deterioration of Fanconi Syndrome.

1. Frequent urination

Fanconi Syndrome is the abnormality of renal tubule which has function to reabsorb fluid. Once an individual is affected by Fanconi Syndrome, fluids filtered by glomeruli can not be reabsorbed effectively, as a result of which, much more urine is formed.

2. Increased thirst

Renal tubule is in charge of regulating fluid in our body and as much more fluids is discharged as the form of urine, our body needs fluids to replenish the lost fluid. In Fanconi Syndrome, increased thirst always occurs together with frequent urination.

3. Short stature

For people with Fanconi Syndrome, they usually have a short stature. We know calcium is the necessary substance for our growth. However, due to abnormal renal tubule, large amounts of calcium leak out and therefore cause hypocalcemia. Insufficiency of calcium supply always cause abnormal development of bone.

4. Persistent pain in bone

Persistent pain in bone is another symptom of Fanconi Symptom. Similar with short stature, persistent pain in bone also occurs as a result of insufficiency of calcium supply.

5. Fatigue/Tiredness

Once being affected by Fanconi Syndrome, patients may also fond they become tired easily.

Fanconi Syndrome is the disease that proximal convoluted tubule fail to function well. And all the above symptoms occur as the result of abnormal renal tubule. Therefore, if Fanconi Syndrome patients want to remit these symptoms, they must treat renal tubule as a whole.

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