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Natural Cure for Diabetics on Dialysis

2013-10-14 16:39

Diabetes is a very complex condition which can involve multiple organs and systems,in which kidneys are very vulnerable. When kidneys fail to work,dialysis will be prescribed.However,dialysis can bring many sufferings for the patients.Is there a natural cure for diabetics on dialysis?

How are kidneys impaired in Diabetes?

To know if there is a natural cure for diabetics on dialysis,the patients should firstly know how kidneys fail in Diabetes.The tiny blood vessels with certain-size holes and can filter out wastes and extra fluid from body.Meanwhile,the useful substances will be preserved in body.However,if blood glucose keeps high,it will cause extra stress on the tiny blood vessels. Over time,the blood vessels will become worn out. If so,kidneys will fail eventually.

Dialysis for diabetics

Dialysis can purify blood by removing a partial wastes from body. After dialysis is initiated,the discomforts will be relieved like nausea,vomiting,swelling etc.If the patients can be accustomed to it,they still can life a fulfill life. However, the patients still have to suffer so many discomforts. What’s worse, the average life span of dialysis patients is just between 5~6 years.

Natural cure for diabetics on dialysis

Unfortunately,there is no a cure for diabetics on dialysis. However,if aggressive treatment is adopted,the patients still have high chance of getting rid of dialysis.

To help dialysis patients get rid of dialysis,two treatment goals should be attained.One is to filter out wastes and toxins from body.Another one is to enhance renal function and improve the excretory ability of kidneys.The combined treatment of Blood Purification and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a good treatment option for diabetics on dialysis.These two treatments can work together to improve renal function and help the patients get rid of dialysis.

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