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Avoiding Dialysis is Possible for Uremia Patients

2016-08-30 09:30

Avoiding Dialysis is Possible for Uremia PatientsFor uremia patients, dialysis is always suggested to help save life to remove wastes and toxins in body. But many do not like dialysis in the whole life. Tell you a good news, avoiding dialysis is possible for uremia patients. Ok, see the case in the first place.

He is a 12 years old boy with uremia. When he came to our hospital, he looked poor and weak. All of the doctor and nurse think that he was a quite boy, because he always kept silence. In fact, we are wrong. He is a lively, cheerful and active child, so many people like him. When our expert gave him a systemic examination, the result showed that his creatinine was 613, urea acid was 458. After half a month of treatment, his creatinine reduced to 490 from original 613, urea acid was 357. His mother was very satisfied with our treatment.

Why does creatinine get reduced so effectively in our hospital

Chinese medicine is the very special treatment, which can improve kidney very well. Kidney function can be under recovery by the time, which can make kidney remove much creatinine from body effectively. Creatinine can be lowered from the root in this way. In addition, symptoms or complications will be remitted well, too.

Chinese medicine includes many kinds of therapies, which is a complete and herbal treatment for kidney disease. With the increased kidney function, disease condition can be managed very effectively. Thus, it is a good option for patients with uremia to choose Chinese medicine, and dialysis can be avoided well with Chinese medicine in our hospital, Shijiazhuang kidney Disease Hospital, by far, we have a history of 30 years and also has international department for foreign patients. If you have any question or need any help, be free to contact us anytime, it is a pleasure that we can help you out.

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