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Why Does Shivering Occur Suddenly After Dialysis

2015-09-16 11:16

Why Does Shivering Occur Suddenly After DialysisWhy does shivering occur suddenly after dialysis? Kidney dialysis is not an easy remedy to tolerate, especially when the side effects of this procedure take over your body. There are many ways in which one can experience these uncomfortable effects. Shivering is one of the complications after dialysis. Well then, what causes shivering after dialysis?

Infection and shivers

Shivers during dialysis can be a sign of infection. Infections are common in patients who have catheter, as opposed to AV access, as dialysis access. It is important to be hygienic when it comes to keeping your access point clean. It is easy to get infection, with symptoms like itchiness, or redness that arise when the access point is not kept sterile.

Aside from shiver, dialysis can also result in other side effects:

1. Anemia

This is because the red blood cell volume is lower than normal in dialysis patients due to reduced erythropoietin hormone level which the kidneys produce so as to regulate red blood cell production in the body.

2. Hypotension

There can be a sudden decrease in blood pressure due to a stress caused in one’s cardiovascular system from regular dialysis treatment. Medication intervenes to help deal with this problem.

3. Nausea/cramps/headaches

These symptoms can occur if a patient suffers from peritonitis. When the quantity of water in the composition of the dialyzer, the dialysate or even the rate of filtration is inadequate or too much, which can form another part of the problem. This can be alleviated by adjusting the prescription of the dialysis.

If you are on dialysis and you experience some side effects after dialysis, you can come to China and accept our Chinese medicine treatment like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture and Acupuncture. Our therapies can help you improve kidney function and increase your chance to get rid of dialysis. In this way, shivers and other side effects of dialysis can be avoided from the root.

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