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Top 7 Diet Suggestion For Dialysis Patients

2015-07-18 02:13

Top 7 Diet Suggestion For Dialysis PatientsAs for patients with long term of dialysis, except for strict medical treatment, diet is also important. Well then, which diet should dialysis patients follow?

1. Enough calories intake

Calories intake should meet the body needs and per body weight should be 30-35kilocalorie every day. If there is insufficient calorie intake, it will break down protein and increase nitrogen wastes which can not only cause malnutrition but also increase burden on dialysis kidneys.

2. Choose high quality protein

Proper and high quality protein is able to repair tissues and increase resistance to avoid infection. High quality protein foods include tofu, fish and lean meat.

3. Control sodium intake

Too much sodium intake will cause elevation of blood pressure and increase the chance for thirst as well as even edema. Choose fresh foods and reduce the usage of flavor such as curry, aginomoto, black vinggar and tomato sauce, etc. Besides, avoid salt-substitute and reduce the intake of pickled, processed and smoked foods.

4. Limit foods with phosphorus

Too phosphorus will lead to blood calcium loss, resulting in bone disease, itchy skin and stimulating the thyroid function hyperfunction. Thus, dialysis patients should avoid high phosphorus foods like dairy products, egg yolk, nuts, internal organs and yogurt, etc.

5. Control potassium intake

High potassium intake will lead to serious arrhythmias and cause sudden death. Therefore, patients on dialysis should avoid high potassium foods like coffee, tea, banana and kiwi fruit, etc.

6. Proper fluid intake

Too much fluid intake will also cause high blood pressure and even lead to enlarged heart or pulmonary edema, causing short of breath. Patients with normal urine output have no need to limit fluid intake. If patients have reduced urine output, they need to limit fluid intake. The amount of fluid intake should be the urine amount +500ml.

7. Avoid high potassium foods

Dialysis patients are easy to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Thus, in order to prevent cardiovascular disease, patients should avoid eating too much oil and fat such as pizza, coffee, sausage, fat and lard oil.

The above are diet suggestions for dialysis patients. Actually there is natural remedy for kidney disease patients to reduce dialysis frequency or avoid dialysis. That is Chinese medicine treatment including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, foot bath, Mai Kang Mixture and steaming therapy, etc. These therapies can repair injured kidneys and improve renal function so as to reduce dialysis.

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