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Is It Normal for Dialysis Patients to Have Low Grade Fever and Chills

2015-06-13 09:32

Is It Normal for Dialysis Patients to Have Low Grade Fever and ChillsDialysis is a common used kidney replacement treatment for kidney failure patients to maintain their life. Is it normal for dialysis patient to have low grade fever and chills? No, it is abnormal. In this article, let’s have a further look at this side effect of dialysis.

What causes low grade fever and chills for dialysis patients?

-Infection is the most common cause of fever and chills in dialysis patients; in particular, the prevalences of infections of the respiratory system, the dialysis access site, and the urinary trace are high, because dialysis patients tend to have a weakened immune system.

-Drug-induced fever is a hypersensitivity reaction to a drug administered to patients. Many dialysis patients are administered multiple drugs and hence tend to develop drug fever. Symptoms of drug fever include chills, muscle pain, rash and headache, which usually manifest in about 7-10 days after the start of drug use.

-Allergic reaction can also cause fever and chills. For hemodialysis patients, it may result from dialysis-related items, such as dialysis membranes, dialysis circuits, puncture needles, anticoagulants, and endotoxin.

How to deal with low grade fever and chills for dialysis patients?

First, you should talk with your doctor to find the cause of fever. When the cause of fever is clear, the appropriate treatment strategy can be promptly taken.

Low grade fever and chills are just one of the side effects of dialysis. If you have had enough dialysis, you should take treatment to repair the damaged kidneys and recover kidney function. Blood Pollution Therapy is a good choice for you. It can not only the waste products from the blood, but also remove stasis from the blood vessels to improve blood circulation. Besides setting up a good blood environment for the damaged kidneys, it also provides the essential nutrients for them to speed up recover. If you still have urine output, it is possible for you to reduce dialysis frequency or get rid of dialysis with this treatment.

Is it normal for dialysis patients to have low grade fever and chills? No. If you still have any other questions, please leave a message below or contact online doctor directly.

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