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How Many Eggs A Week Are You Allowed To Eat On Hemodialysis

2015-06-08 08:28

 How Many Eggs A Week Are You Allowed To Eat On HemodialysisRecently one of patients on hemodialysis sends us a mail which writes that “How many eggs a week are you allowed to eat on hemodialysis”. As for this question, it is a little complex and varies from person to person. The following will give you some cases for your reference.

Patient A: That is really something you should discuss with your dietitian. It depends a lot on your labs. My cholesterol tends to be high so I am not allowed more than 3 eggs a week. Though they are high in protein, they might not be good for everyone.

Patient B: I have low cholesterol and low protein, so I could eat a couple every day if I want. That is what my dietitian says.

Patient C: What is your last serum albumin and total protein levels? If it is low you can increase your protein intake like eggs. Eggs are considered the perfect protein from a scientific basis.

Patient D: My husband eats as many as he wants. But we make sure that it does not increase his cholesterol. Just stay on top of your blood work. Also we prefer the brown eggs without hormones.

From the above, we can see it is obviously a very personal thing regarding your blood results. If you have any question, please feel free to consult our online doctor or leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com attached with your test reports. After analyzing it, we will tell you whether you can eat eggs or not and how many eggs you are allowed a week.

In addition to paying attention to diet, dialysis patients also need to take method to improve kidney function. Only in this way can their life quality be improved.

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