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Why I Still Have Itchiness All Over The Body After Dialysis

2015-05-08 07:22

Why I Still Have Itchiness All Over The Body After DialysisSkin itchy is commonly to be seen in people on kidney disease patients. However, some patients after dialysis also have itchiness. Her we will give you the reason and treatment of skin itchy after dialysis.

1. Nitrogen metabolites retention

Nitrogen metabolites retention will irritate your skin and shrink sebaceous glands and sweet glands. Dry skin and skin desquamation will occur and then triggering itchy skin. Increase of nitrogen metabolites retention is related to dialysis insufficiency. Due to economic factor, some patients take dialysis twice times a week and choose cheap and low permeability dialyzer. These both can lead to insufficient dialysis. Under such a condition, nitrogen metabolites will accumulate in body and worsen itchy skin.

Therefore, to guarantee dialysis sufficiency and alleviate itchy skin by reducing nitrogen metabolites retention, patients are recommended to reduce the reused dialysis and increase dialysis times.

2. High levels of phosphorus

A common cause of itchy skin is a high level of phosphorus in the body. Because dialysis cannot effectively remove phosphorus, a renal diet that limits foods high in phosphorus is prescribed. Staying on dialysis for your full treatment time is also recommended because it can remove some phosphorus as well as other wastes and toxins.

Itchy all over the body after dialysis is still possible to occur. To alleviate itchy skin radically, repairing kidney damage and improving renal function is necessary. In this way, itchy skin can be alleviated effectively and radically.

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High creatinine level is dangerous to a kidney patient

Move the mouse to enlarge the picture High creatinine level is dangerous to a kidney patient

If you also want to reduce your high creatinine level, please look at this patient's report. When he was just hospitalized in our hospital on Dec 11, 2018,
His creatinine:1028umol/L,
urea: 39.7mmol/L
UA : 513umol/L
After a period of our treatment,
his creatinine:331umol/L, urea:16.1mmol/L
UA :325umol/L on Jan 5, 2019.

His condition was getting better and better. You can also get better.

For a CKD patient, you can choose Chinese medicine treatments to control your condition. your creatinine level can be reduced radically, symptoms can be alleviated and more importantly, your renal function will be improved. In this way, you can stay away from end stage kidney disease and avoid dialysis.

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