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Should Dialysis Patients Drink Green Tea

2015-04-15 03:12

Should Dialysis Patients Drink Green TeaDrinking tea is a habit for most people and it can eliminate fatigue, have diuretic function to alleviate edema, and regulate acid-based balance. Besides, there are rich vitamin and minerals in tea, which is good for human health. The question is whether dialysis patients can drink green tea.

Kidney failure patients should limit fluid intake while tea contains rich vitamin and minerals. In this condition, if kidney disease patients drink tea, it can supplement the lost nutrients. However, kidney failure patients should not drink tea, especially strong tea regularly. The reasons include the following aspects:

1. caffeine in tea

Strong tea contains high levels of caffeine. Researches show that caffeine will cause cell distortion and may increase the risk of cancer. Drinking strong tea will make your nerve system over-excited, put more burden on your kidneys, promote the secretion of gastrin and lead to peptic ulcer.

2. worsen anemia

Luteic acid in tea will combine with iron and then worsen anemia. Therefore, uremia patients should drink less tea or avoid drinking tea. Fluid intake for kidney failure patients should be plain boiled water so as to avoid aggravating your disease.

Kidney failure patients had better not drink tea. Or drinking tea should be moderate. Drinking green tea moderately has some health benefits for kidney disease patients. For example, green tea is beneficial for your kidneys following ischemia, and protects your kidneys from drug-induced toxins as well as prevents the development of kidney stones made from calcium oxalate crystals.

Everything has two sides and there is no exception with green tea. Thus, you had better consult our online doctor or leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will give you some suggestion according to your own medical conditions.

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