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How Can I Improve My Energy After Dialysis

2015-03-27 03:49

How Can I Improve My Energy After DialysisMany dialysis patients complain that they feel very tired after dialysis. How can I improve my energy after dialysis? Not a few of them want to know the answer. If you have similar doubt, the following information may help you boost your energy.

Improve anemia

Almost all dialysis patients have anemia, because their kidneys are so bad that they can not secrete enough erythropoietin to make red blood cells. Fatigue is manifestation of anemia. Current treatment for anemia is to inject EPO and take iron supplements.

Do exercise in the daily regularly

Most dialysis patients believe they can not exercise, but in fact most dialysis patients can exercise. Exercise can strengthen your muscles, boost your energy and enhance the overall quality of life. But you can only do some gentle exercise, such as walking, tai chi and yoga so as to avoid over tiredness.

Follow a balanced diet

When your kidneys fail to work, patients are usually asked to follow a restricted diet, for example to limit the intake of protein and sodium. But as long as you start dialysis, you should increase protein intake into 1.2 g/kg per day, because dialysis makes you lose protein from body. If you can not supplement enough protein, it is likely for you to feel weak. Besides. Sodium restriction does not mean you should avoid sodium, because sodium is also an important element that maintains the normal function of our body. When you have sodium deficiency, you will also feel weak.

There are also some other factors that can make you fatigue, such as inadequate dialysis. In such case, you should talk with your doctor to increase the duration of dialysis or dialysis frequency. Low blood pressure is also a common complication of dialysis, which results from too much fluid being taken away from body quickly. The more fluid removed, the more tired patients may feel. In such case, you should control fluid intake between dialysis sessions.

How can I improve my energy after dialysis? With the help of online doctor, you can learn more corresponding information.

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