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Is Dizziness A Common Side Effect of Dialysis

2015-02-18 07:19

Is Dizziness A Common Side Effect of DialysisIt is widely known by kidney failure patients that dialysis always cause terrible side effects which not only affect life quality, but also threaten their life if not managed well. Well, is dizziness a common side effect of dialysis? What causes dizziness in dialysis?

Dizziness is a very uncomfortable feeling of being lightheaded,woozy or unbalanced. Many people have to stop what they are doing and then have a bed rest when they have dizziness. For dialysis patients, they are very likely to experience this side effect and usually this condition results from:

-low blood pressure or hypotension

This is the most common cause of dizziness in dialysis which usually appears due to removal of too much weight, taking antihypertensive pills before dialysis and heart disease.

-high blood pressure or hypertension

Low blood pressure during dialysis can cause dizziness, persistent high blood pressure also can lead to this kind of physical discomfort. The most common cause of hypertension for dialysis patients include fluid overload, non-compliance with blood pressure medicines, anxiety and renin overproduction.

-renal anemia

For dialysis patients, they may also experience dizziness due to renal anemia. In such a case, dizziness is always accompanied with tiredness, pale skin, difficulty concentrating, loss of energy, leg cramps and insomnia.

Dizziness is just one of the side effects of dialysis. Besides it, patients usually also experience headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, skin itching, sleep problem and even comma. For kidney failure patients, dialysis helps them purify blood, but can not repair kidney damages and increase kidney function. Therefore, they have to do dialysis the rest of their life and suffer various side effects if they do not take effective treatment to strengthen kidneys. Here, you can ask consult online doctor to get individual advice about how to strengthen kidney.

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