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Can Vitamin D Help Dialysis Patients Itch Less

2015-02-13 03:40

Can Vitamin D Help Dialysis Patients Itch LessAbout more than 60% dialysis patients have skin itch after three years’ dialysis. It does not only affect skin of whole body, but also severely affect the life quality and emotion of patients. Sometimes, it is life-threatening. Can vitamin D helps dialysis patients itch less?

If your skin itch is caused by PTH, vitamin D may help you itch less.

The damaged kidneys can not remove phosphorus from the blood. Dialysis is also unable to remove phosphorus from blood thoroughly. As a result, high blood phosphorus level occurs. High blood phosphorus decreases blood calcium level. This condition stimulates the parathyroid gald to secrete excessive hormones, leading to skin itch, bone disease and some other problems.

In such case, taking vitamin D can help you regulate the blood calcium and phosphorus level so as to alleviate skin itch. And phosphate binders is also taken by dialysis patients with each meal to lower blood phosphorus level.
If your skin itch is caused by other factors, you should take different treatment for skin itch. 

-Dry skin can also cause skin itch.

When you are on dialysis, your skin can not make enough oil to moisturize itself. In such case, you should keep the skin clean and moisturized. A moisturizing soap, unscented body oil, body lotions and son on are all helpful.

-Allergic reaction is also a contributor to skin itch.

If your skin itch is just caused by allergic reaction to dialyzer, blood tubing or medications, antihistamine drug can help you alleviate the itch. And you should also talk with your doctor to change the dialyzer, blood tubing or medications.

From the above, we can see that whether vitamin D help dialysis patients itch less or not depends on the causes of itch. If you do not know what causes your skin itch, you can talk with our online doctor, who can give you a further analysis. If you have had enough dialysis, our doctor can also make a personalized treatment plan for you to get rid of dialysis for free. 

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