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What Are Differences Between Hemodialysis And Peritoneal Dialysis

2015-02-09 01:58

What Are Differences Between Hemodialysis And Peritoneal DialysisKidney disease patients have to be dialyzed with an artificial kidney to rid the body of fluids and toxins. Dialysis has two types including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Some people are wondering if they could ask for some insight on the difference between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis and what help them decide and why? Read through the article, I will give the answer.

Hemodialysis uses needles and your blood to filter out toxins and you tend to have blood pressure ups and downs and a stricter diet. You have to rely on the clinic for your dialysis time and staff to perform adequately.

Peritoneal dialysis uses no needles and blood to rid the toxins. Also blood pressure has no ups and downs. You can make your own dialysis times and it is extremely easy. Peritoneal dialysis is not suitable for everyone. Some do not filter good and some get infections easily. Sometimes you are just not a candidate for peritoneal dialysis. For example, if you have too many surgeries on your stomach and have lots of scar tissues on abdomen, you will be eliminated you as a peritoneal candidate.

What help you decide hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis? Everyone is unique. We each have unique stories and our own reasons for making the choices we make. Initially I choose peritoneal dialysis. It was a difficult decision. I remember at the time I felt as if I was being asked to choose between two things which I did not want to. I did peritoneal dialysis for a year and then I was fortunate to have a transplant. It failed. Then I had such poor renal function. I had to do hemodialysis. I trained for home hemo. I had another transplant. I am now more than two years free of dialysis. I had no major problems with peritoneal dialysis. It allowed me to continue to work. I felt well. I also managed with hemo although I must say I preferred peritoneal dialysis due to its freedom.

Which one you can do mainly depends on your own medical conditions. We all do not want to take dialysis. Why do not we try some alternative therapies such as Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, foot bath, acupuncture, Mai Kang mixture, etc. They can help us improve renal function and we have chance to get rid of dialysis.

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