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Mental Changes in Kidney Dialysis

2015-01-31 03:32

Mental Changes in Kidney DialysisSome patients may have mental changes during or after kidney dialysis. For example, they may become angry, anxious, depressed, sad, etc. How does this happen? If you want to know more mental changes in kidney dialysis, please go on reading. You can also directly communicate with our online doctor.

Causes of mental changes in kidney dialysis

If your kidney failure is caused by CKD, you may have to do dialysis in your remaining years to maintain your life. And you have to go to dialysis centers several times a week. Every time you have to sit or lie there for several hours, which is very boring. If you do not have insurance, you may have to struggle to pay the expenditure. Even if you have money and time to do dialysis, you have to suffer from various complications, such as skin itch, nausea, vomit, muscle cramp, heart failure, etc.

All the above factors may cause mental changes.

How to prevent mental changes in kidney dialysis?

-As the patients’ nurse or doctor, we should take good care of them and comfort them when they do dialysis. Besides, we should improve our nursing ability to help them reduce the complication of dialysis.

-As the patients’ family member, we should talk with the patients regularly to reduce their concerns and encourage them to receive treatment.

-As the patients, we should have a correct knowledge of our state of illness and set up a positive attitude to fight against kidney disease.

How to get rid of dialysis?

The best way to prevent mental changes is to get rid of dialysis. If you still have urine output, it is likely for you to improve moderate kidney function and avoid dialysis or reduce the dialysis frequency. Blood Pollution Therapy can cleanse the blood and remove stasis to promote blood flow into kidneys to help them recovery. Besides, it can provide the damaged kidneys with essential nutrients to speed up their recovery.

If you have had enough dialysis, why not try some alternatives to improve kidney function? Hope you can live a normal life and say good bye to dialysis as early as possible.

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