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Why Do I Bleed So Much After Dialysis

2015-01-28 14:32

Why Do I Bleed So Much After DialysisBleeding from dialysis access after leaving dialysis does not happen often, you need to know how bleeding occurs. Here we will tell you why some patients experience bleeding after dialysis.

Why does bleeding occur after dialysis?

Hemodialysis patients are generally believed to have an elevated bleeding risk. Bleeding in uremia relates to an acquired defect of primary hemostasis caused by platelet dysfunction and altered platelet-vessel wall interaction. Warfarin and antiplatelet agents such as aspirin increase the frequency of major bleeding. In conclusion, the risk for bleeding episodes in hemodialysis patients increases significantly while on aspirin and/or warfarin.

How to manage bleeding after dialysis?

As we have mentioned above, bleeding is a complication of dialysis. If you avoid dialysis, bleeding will not happen. Well, is there any treatment to replace dialysis?

To replace dialysis, we should repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function. When kidney function is improved and kidneys can work by themselves, dialysis can be reduced and even be avoided. To repair impaired kidneys, we use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is to make the effective herbs of kidney disease super-finely shattered. Then with the help of effective penetrant and osmosis devices, the effective medicines are permeated into kidney lesions by external application, thus achieving the goal of treating kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can block primary disease, repair damaged kidney tissues and rebuild normal kidney structure. When kidney function is improved, it does help patients to have a great chance to get rid of dialysis. Without dialysis, bleeding and other complications of dialysis will not appear.

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