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Why Dialysis Patients Experience Seizure

2015-01-22 01:22

Why Dialysis Patients Experience SeizureSeizure is not uncommon in patients undergoing hemodialysis. There seems to be a number of patients on dialysis who get full blown seizures. They are wondering why that is. Here we will give you the possible causes of seizure on dialysis patients.

Many of the causes of seizures are similar in those with and without renal failure. However, some are specifically related to patients with uremia.

1. dialysis disequilibrium syndrome

It is a central nervous system disorder, and it can cause muscle cramp, anorexia and dizziness. Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome is due to cerebral edema. In this condition, patients are at a higher risk for seizure.

2. hemodynamic instability

Dialysis helps to drain excessive fluid in such a short time. This is easy to cause hemodynamic instability, whether hypotension or hypertension, then it can lead to seizure.

3. dialysis dementia due to aluminum intoxication

Dialysis fluid contains aluminum-containing compound which can produce aluminum. If patients take dialysis for a long time, much aluminum accumulates in their bodies. Eventually, it leads to aluminum intoxication.

4. electrolyte disorders

Electrolyte disorders such as hypercalcemia, hypocalcemia, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, hyponatremia and hypernatremia. For patients in dialysis, the kidney function has been damaged severely, and dialysis only replace some part of kidney function, so electrolytes like calcium and potassium are still imbalanced. Electrolyte disorders also can result in seizure.

5. cerebrovascular disease

cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertensive encephalopathy, infarction, hemorrhage and subdural hematoma can lead to seizure.

The above are some common causes of seizure in dialysis patients. Different cause has different treatment. So if you suffer from seizure on dialysis, you should ask your doctor to diagnose the cause of your seizure and then take relative treatment.

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