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Why Kidney Failure Patients Reject Dialysis

2014-12-16 14:40

Why Kidney Failure Patients Reject DialysisWhen people get kidney failure, they feel they are sentenced to death. The only way to prolong life is dialysis. But dialysis can not give people a healthy body and it also brings unbearable sufferings. The side effects of dialysis make people reject to undergo dialysis. Well, what are side effects of dialysis?

1. spasm and other symptoms during the process of dialysis

The incidence rate of dialysis disequilibrium is 3.4%-20%. The side effects of hemodialysis mainly include vomiting, nausea and upset, etc. Some patients may have spasm, coma and even death. Besides, dialysis using syndrome is mainly caused by new dialysis machine and dialysis pipe. What’s more, muscle spasm is one of the common side effects of hemodialysis. Its incidence rate is 10%-15%.

2. low blood pressure and other complications

Low blood pressure is one of the most common side effects of hemodialysis and its incidence rate is 20%-40%. Many factors can cause low blood pressure. Blood pressure decrease in the late of dialysis is mainly caused by quick ultrafiltration or inadaptation to acetate dialysate. Patients will have pyrogen reaction. This is because dialysate contains pyrogen so patients under this condition will experience fever, sweating, chill, dizziness and vomiting.

3. heart problems

Irregular heartbeat has 50% incidence rate. Side effects of dialysis can be induced by coronary heart disease, heart failure, severe anemia, electrolytes and acid-based disorder, low blood pressure, medications and hyoxemia. Heart failure is the most dangerous and serious side effect of dialysis. Kidney failure patients die more heart problems than the disease itself.

Although dialysis has some side effects, it is helpful for a kidney failure patients because almost all kidney function fail to function and patients’ lives have been threatened seriously. Dialysis has great significance in sustaining life. However, if there is any remedy which can avoid dialysis or at least reduce the times of dialysis, have little side effects compared with dialysis and prolong life span, it not only brings good news to kidney failure patients but also has a significance in treating kidney disease.

With this, Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital creates Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It begins from the injured kidney cells and gradually recover kidney function so as to avoid dialysis, reduce the times of dialysis and finally achieve the purpose of avoiding dialysis.

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