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How to Get Off Dialysis Successfully

2014-12-15 01:35

How to Get Off Dialysis SuccessfullyDialysis is life-supportive for kidney failure patients because it can replace damaged kidneys to cleanse blood. Though it is helpful, many kidney failure patients refuse to do dialysis. For these who have started dialysis, they also hope to get off dialysis because it is such an ordeal. Well, how to get off dialysis successfully?

We can live normally without dialysis because our kidneys can help us filter blood and remove harmful substances out of our body through urine. However, for an individual with kidney failure, his kidneys can not do this job well, which can lead to the buildup of toxins. To keep blood clean and protect internal organs from being damaged by toxic substances, dialysis is required.

In kidney failure, if patients want to get off dialysis, they must make sure their residual kidney function is effective enough to help them purify blood. For these whose kidneys have shut down completely, there is no way for them to get off dialysis besides kidney transplant, but for these who still have good urine output, there is chance to increase their kidney function and help them get off dialysis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the way for kidney failure patients with good urine output to get off dialysis. It is created on the basis of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but totally different from it. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a Chinese herb-based treatment and so far has been used to treat kidney failure patients from 64 countries.

This herbal treatment is able to help kidney failure patients get off dialysis because it can promote renal blood circulation, increase bloodstream in kidney, activate injured kidney intrinsic cells and strengthen kidney, all of which are very beneficial for kidney health. Dialysis is helpful, but it only help to cleanse blood. For kidney failure patients, if they take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to increase kidney function, not only their blood can be kept clean, strengthened kidneys also help to maintain electrolyte balance, regulate blood pressure and secrete necessary hormone, which means they can live normally again.

Lastly, to get off dialysis successfully, increasing kidney function is necessary. If one with kidney failure can not get his kidney function improved, he must do dialysis regularly and avoid skipping or stopping dialysis casually.

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