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What Are Reasons For Extended Abdomen In Dialysis Patients

2014-12-13 03:11

What Are Reasons For Extended Abdomen In Dialysis PatientsDialysis is one of the common therapy for patients when their kidneys fail to work normally. It is a life-supporting method and many people with kidney disease are undergoing dialysis. However, patients will experience a lot of side effects. Extended or big abdomen is common seen in people on dialysis patients.

What causes extended abdomen in dialysis patients?

In kidney disease patients, we have to keep a check on fluid intake and output during dialysis. The intake and output must be almost equal so that fluid cannot be accumulates in the part of body usually abdomen and lungs. The patient on dialysis has high tendency of accumulation fluid in abdomen resulting bloating or distended abdomen.

Additionally, polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is another cause of extended abdomen. Dialysis can help kidneys’ filter wastes and toxins from the blood to alleviate poor appetite, itchy skin, vomiting and nausea and other symptoms. However, as for kidney cyst, dialysis does nothing help to control its growth. So with time going on cysts will become bigger and bigger. They will compress their surrounding kidney tissues. When kidneys cannot work normally, excess fluid will build up in the body, sometimes in the abdomen area, thus leading to swollen abdomen.

How to treat big belly in dialysis patients?

Dialysis only performs part of kidney function so it cannot drain excess fluid efficiently and timely. Is there any alternative way to excrete excess fluid from the body completely? Yes, there is. It is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The active ingredients in this therapy can come to the damaged kidney to have functions of dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation, preventing degradation and coagulation, providing necessary nutrients. After a period of treatment, injured kidneys can be restored and renal function will be improved naturally. What is more, this therapy also works to shrink kidney cyst. It is also helpful for alleviating extended abdomen.

Once you have big belly, you should find out the underlying cause and then take correct treatment to control extended abdomen in dialysis patients.

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