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Can Kidney Dialysis Help Relieve Itching

2014-12-11 08:21

Can Kidney Dialysis Help Relieve ItchingItchy skin occurs to a majority of patients when kidney function worsens. As we know, dialysis is one of the common therapy for kidney disease. Well that, can kidney dialysis help relieve itching?

Before going to the point, let’s first know what causes itchy skin.

high levels of phosphorus and itchy skin 

Kidneys play an important role in balancing electrolytes. But when kidneys are damaged, this function will be affected. Under this condition, people usually have high levels of phosphorus in the body. Itchy skin can occur with high phosphorus levels.

Itchy skin and dialysis

Dialysis can remove phosphorus level from the body to some extent, but it does not effectively remove phosphorus. Thus, itchy skin can not be alleviated completely. Besides, some people may be allergic to the blood tubing, dialyzer, the type of heparin being used or other elements associated with the dialysis treatment. This can worsen itchy skin.

From the above, we can see dialysis can relieve itchy skin but it is not a radical remedy. Is there any alternative way to ease itchy skin radically?

What is the alternative way for itchy skin?

Yes, there is indeed an alternative way for skin itchy. The root cause of itchy skin is high levels of phosphorus due to insufficient kidney function. So we need to improve renal function to discharge excess phosphorus level from the body. How to improve renal function? You can have a try of Chinese herbal medicine. The active ingredients in Chinese herbs can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, providing necessary nutrients and prevent inflammation and coagulation. All these help repair kidney damage and improve renal function. When kidney function is improved, excess phosphorus can be removed from the body. And then itchy skin can be alleviated radically. More importantly, with enhanced renal function, dialysis frequency can be reduced and even dialysis can be avoided.

Dialysis is not the only way for kidney disease. We have alternative remedies for kidney disease. If you have interest in them, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message below.

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