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Why Do Dialysis Patients Have Low Blood Pressure

2014-12-03 07:29

Why Do Dialysis Patients Have Low Blood PressureIs dialysis the best treatment for kidney failure? Is it good to undergo dialysis for a long time? Do dialysis patients suffer from low blood pressure? As for this question concerned by most patients, the following content will give you the detailed information.

Hemodialyzer is called artificial kidneys. It only replaces diseased kidneys to maintain the function of your metabolism while it has no function of repair kidneys.

Dialysis is one way of treating end stage renal disease. Long term of hemodialysis will lead to some complications. And low blood pressure is one of them. Most people during dialysis will experience low blood pressure and the incidence rate is 25%-40%. The most common reasons for hypotension include sudden weight gain during two dialysis and quick dehydration rate. In addition, before dialysis, some hypotensive medications, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, abnormal heart function and allergy to dialysis device all can cause low blood pressure. In order to avoid this complication, patients need to have a strict diet and intake proper fluid.

Additionally, if patients can get rid of dialysis, low blood pressure can also be remitted. We need to repair injured kidneys and improve their own function. Some Chinese herbal medicine treatments have functions of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing necessary nutrients for damaged kidneys. All these contributes to restoring impaired kidneys and improving renal function. As long as kidney function is increased to 15%, it is possible for patients to avoid dialysis. Without dialysis, its complications will disappear naturally, so does low blood pressure.

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