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What Is the Treatment to Stop Dialysis

2014-11-15 04:50

What Is the Treatment to Stop DialysisAlthough dialysis is life-sustaining, I am sure no one wants to continue his life by dialysis, because dialysis is really an ordeal. What is more, once start dialysis, we have to do it regularly in the rest of our life. Well, for kidney failure patients, what is the treatment for them to stop dialysis?

Dialysis is required because it can replace damaged kidneys to purify blood, which can make sure the safety of internal organs. Dialysis cleanses blood by making blood out of the body and then filter the blood with a special machine. After that, cleansed blood is transfused back to the body.

For one with kidney dialysis, if he wants to stop dialysis, he needs to make sure there are not too much harmful substances. Normally, wastes are removed out of the body by kidney, so as long as he can reverse kidney failure and regain some kidney function, dialysis can be stopped.

So far there is no such a treatment that can make failed kidneys work as well as they did before, but there is herbal treatment which can repair some injured kidney tissues and increase kidney function. The herbal treatment we mentioned is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is an innovation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy repair injured kidney tissues by dilating blood vessels, promoting renal blood circulation, increasing bloodstream in kidney, activating kidney intrinsic cells, improving renal anoxia and renal ischemia. With these effects, healthy kidney tissues can be strengthened and injured kidney tissues can be repaired. But the dead kidney tissues can not be brought back to life.

All the herbs in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are crushed into powder and then packed with special gauze. While dialysis patients take this treatment, the medicine packages are put on kidney location where there are Shen Shu acupoint. As all these herbs are used externally, so no side effects are caused.

Dialysis is needed when there are high levels of toxins in blood. When kidneys work better after Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, some toxins will be able to removed out of the body time. In such a case, the chance to stop dialysis is increased greatly.

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