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Is Kidney Dialysis Painful

2014-10-22 14:25

Is Kidney Dialysis PainfulDialysis is a life-sustaining method for kidney failure patients, but some of them prefer diet rather than do dialysis. Why is this? Is kidney dialysis painful?

How does dialysis help kidney failure patients?

Dialysis is not a simple treatment for kidney failure, but a medical procedure to help kidney failure patients cleanse blood. In normal condition, wastes in the body are removed by kidney, so kidney failure is always accompanied with high levels of toxins in the blood. These toxic substances are very harmful, so we need to take some measures to clear them away from blood. Dialysis is needed for kidney failure patients because it can help to purify blood.

Dialysis is a medical procedure in which blood is made out of the body and then filtered by a machine. After that, the clean blood is transfused back to the body again.

Is kidney dialysis painful?

Kidney dialysis is helpful, but painful. More importantly, it is not a real solution for kidney failure, but a way to help them protect internal organs from being damaged by toxins which should have been removed by kidneys. As dialysis can not repair kidney damage and improve kidney function, it only helps to cleanse blood, so for kidney failure patients, they have to do dialysis the rest of their life.

Dialysis helps to purify blood, but as it does not work as well as healthy kidney, so during or after dialysis, patients always experience many side effects like low blood pressure, itchy skin, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, sleep problem and even coma which are deadly in some cases. Besides, with the duration of dialysis, survival rate decreases. For this reason, some patients, specially some elder, prefer diet rater than keep alive by frequent dialysis.

Dialysis is painful and actually it is just one of the options for kidney failure patients who still have urine output. Besides it, they can also try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can help them repair some injured kidney tissues, improve kidney function and improve life expectancy. More importantly, it is a herbal treatment and causes no side effects during the whole treatment.

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