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Is Dialysis A Must for CKD Stage 5

2014-09-30 02:46

Is Dialysis A Must for CKD Stage 5CKD stage 5 is the last stage of chronic kidney disease which is also called End Stage Renal Disease and End Stage Kidney Failure. It is a very dangerous condition in which kidneys have been severely damaged and can not guarantee the safety of life. For this reason, dialysis is usually applied. Well, is dialysis a must for CKD stage 5? Is there any alternative?

Is dialysis a must for CKD stage 5

CKD stage 5 is marked by GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) lower than 15ml/dL. People with end stage of kidney problem usually have 10-15% of their kidney function left. Under such a case, toxins that should be removed by kidney will build up in the blood, so dialysis is usually needed to clear them, so as to make sure the safe of internal organs.

Dialysis is helpful, but it is not a must for CKD stage 5 patients. For kidney failure patients, if their GFR is higher than 10, they can delay dialysis if they have no severe symptoms like vomiting, skin itching and fluid retention in lung.

Besides, whether dialysis is needed for an individual with CKD stage 5, potassium level in blood is also put into consideration. Generally speaking, dialysis is needed when potassium level in blood is higher than 6.5, as such a high potassium level always cause severe heart problem. To avoid unnecessary health tissues, dialysis is usually applied to remove excess potassium in blood.

Alternative treatment for Dialysis

Dialysis and kidney transplant are regarded as the last two option for CKD stage 5 patients to keep alive, actually it is a totally wrong idea.

Kidneys are damaged severely in CKD stage 5 and in such a condition, most of the kidney tissues are necrotic or injured. Only a small part of kidney tissues work normally. For necrotic kidney tissues, they are dead and no way to bring them back to life. However, although injured kidney tissues can not work as well as they did before, they are still alive and there is medicine that can help them get recovery. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the herbal treatment that can stimulate injured kidney tissue and help them recover. Kidney works better when some injured kidney tissues begin to function normally, which presents as increase of GFR.

As we have mentioned above, dialysis is usually needed when GFR is lower than 10. But for CKD stage 5 patients, if their GFR can be increased to be higher than 15, they can avoid dialysis completely. In such a case, dialysis is not a must any more.

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