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Treatment to Get Off Dialysis without Transplant

2014-09-29 09:48

Treatment to Get Off Dialysis without TransplantDialysis is very painful, so many patients want to get off dialysis through kidney transplant. However, as so many patients are on the waiting list, it is really very hard to get a matched kidney within limited time. Well, is there such a treatment to help kidney failure patients get off dialysis without kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is a medical procedure in which a healthy kidney is put into patient’s body to work. If a matched kidney can not be found timely, dialysis is needed to replace failed kidney to purify blood. Under such a condition, if kidney failure patients want to get off dialysis successfully without kidney transplant, the only way is to strengthen kidney to improve kidney function.

Blood Pollution Therapy is a treatment that strengthen kidney and improve kidney function. It is a treatment based on both Chinese medicine and western medicine, which means both Chinese medicine and western medicines are used in this treatment to strengthen kidney.

For kidney failure patients who take Blood Pollution Therapy to get off dialysis, the whole treatment process is mainly divided into three stages:

1. Combined medical methods to cleanse blood

In cases of kidney failure, large amounts of toxins which should have been removed by kidney build up in the blood. These toxic substances are extremely harmful for kidney and other internal organs. Therefore, cleansing blood is the first stage to improve kidney function.

2. Supply necessary elements to the blood

In normal conditions, kidney filters blood, so as to remove wastes out of the body. Actually during this process, kidney tissues get necessary oxygen and nutrients from blood, which allows them to function well. However, in kidney failure, blood is polluted severely due to toxins, which leads to dysfunction of blood coagulation and hematopoiesis due to metabolism mechanism. In the second stage of Blood Pollution Therapy, necessary elements needed by the body are added into the blood, so as to make sure the normal blood function.

3. Rebuild of kidney function

The major purpose of this step is to rebuild kidney function and this medical goal is achieved through the self-curative ability of kidney as well as some medicines that can help to repair kidney damages.

Blood Pollution Therapy is the treatment that can help kidney failure patients get off dialysis without kidney transplant, but so far it is only available for patients who still have some healthy kidney function. Treatment effects of Blood Pollution Therapy for kidney failure differ from case to case, here you can consult our online doctor about the treatment effects on your case.

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