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What Dialysis Patients Can Eat

2014-09-25 07:20

What Dialysis Patients Can EatWhat dialysis patients can eat? Patients on dialysis should supplement some nutrients to meet their body need. Well, what is the nutrient supplement for dialysis patients?

1. Supplement protein

If patients undergo three times dialysis a week. Protein intake should be 1.0g of body weight per day. High quality protein with amino acid should occupy 50%.

2. Calorie supply

Calorie supply per day for hemodialysis patients should be 126-146KJ per body weight. As for peritoneal dialysis patients, they should have calorie supply of 146-188KJ per body weight.

3. Proper potassium and sodium intake

People on hemodialysis can intake potassium properly according to serum potassium content, urine volume, potassium excretion on dialysis and patients’ illness condition. Generally, potassium intake should be 2030mg per day. If diabetic patients with kidney disease should control potassium intake strictly when they are on dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis patients should limit potassium to 2925-3500mg. Dietary principle for dialysis patients should be high protein and limited potassium intake. As for hemodialysis patients, they should have potassium of 1500-200mg and meantime control fluid intake so as to prevent high blood pressure, pulmonary edema and congestive heart failure. In oliguria stage, potassium intake should be limited. If the patients are on peritoneal dialysis, sodium intake should be 2000mg-3000mg.

4. Limit sugar and fat intake

On dialysis, patients can increase protein supply reasonably. Sugar and fat intake should be reduced relatively, which is beneficial for reducing blood lipid.

5. Supply vitamin

On dialysis, water soluble vitamin in blood losses so B group vitamin should be supplemented, like vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6. Vegetables and fruits can be a dialysis diet but how much a dialysis patient should depend on own medical conditions. Salt, juice and high potassium vegetables and fruits should be consumed according to medical condition. Animal grease and spicy foods like chili, coffee, mustard should be forbidden.

Diet can alleviate dialysis symptoms to some extent. However, if you want to alleviate your symptoms radically, you should repair your damaged kidneys and improve renal function with Chinese herbs.

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