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How To Normalize Low Blood Pressure After Dialysis

2014-09-24 07:45

How To Normalize Low Blood Pressure After DialysisLow blood pressure is the most common side effect after dialysis. It will make people dizziness and fatigue. Is there a way to get it back so people can have energy?

As we mentioned above, dialysis can lead to low blood pressure. If dialysis is stopped or delayed, low blood pressure will not happen. Well, the question is how to get rid of dialysis?

Kidney function and dialysis

We know kidney is a great filtering organ and 80% toxins in the body is expelled by kidneys. As long as kidneys own filtering ability is increased, toxins in the body can be reduced. Then, dialysis can be avoided.

How to improve kidney’s own filtering ability?

To treat diseased kidneys, you should take combined therapy which involves western medicines and Chinese medicines. Western medicines aim to control relative symptoms. They have a quick effect on alleviating symptoms like high blood pressure, low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, headache and itchy skin. However, they fail to treat kidney disease from the root. That is why Chinese medicines are applied. Chinese medicines can repair damaged kidneys from the root because the active ingredients can come to the damaged kidneys directly so as to eliminate immune complexes and stop further kidney damage. In addition, active Chinese herbs have strong repairing ability, which can provide necessary amino acid and protein as well as other nutrients for kidney recovery. Thus, it can restore damaged kidney nephrons, rebuild injured kidney structure, recover kidney’s metabolic function and gradually kidney function will be improved. High creatinine level will be lowered naturally, anemia and other symptoms are relieved effectively. It is possible to get rid of dialysis.

Without dialysis, low blood pressure will not happen. People can have energy to do something.

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