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Why Do You Have Low Blood Pressure On Dialysis

2014-09-24 02:04

Why Do You Have Low Blood Pressure On DialysisWhy do dialysis patients have low blood pressure? Dialysis is a treatment for kidney failure patients that use a machine to cleanse their body by exchanging fluid and electrolytes across a membrane. However, dialysis will cause many side effects, and low blood pressure is the most common side effect of dialysis. Well, what causes low blood pressure on dialysis?

Low blood pressure is the most common complication of dialysis, affecting one out of four patients at some point over the course of dialysis treatments. There are two primary causes which can cause low blood pressure. One is when fluid is removed too quickly or too much is removed, low blood pressure occurs. The other is that a patient taking medication for high blood pressure may need to take it after dialysis rather than before.

Low blood pressure can cause dizziness and nausea as well as lightheadedness.

To minimise the symptoms of low blood pressure is to limit fluid intake before treatment.

Fluid limitation can only control symptoms temporarily. If you want to avoid low blood pressure fundamentally, the best method is to get rid of dialysis or at least reduce the dialysis frequency. To achieve this, we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function. The active ingredients in Chinese medicine can come to the impaired kidneys directly with the help of osmosis machine. It helps dilate blood vessels, prevent inflammation and coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix. What is more, the Chinese herbs can provide some nutrients for damaged kidneys. All these provide a favorable environment for diseased kidney recovery. Gradually, damaged kidneys can be alleviated to some extent and renal function can be improved effectively. As long as your kidney function is elevated, you have a large chance to avoid dialysis. In this way, low blood pressure and other complications of dialysis can be eliminated or reduced.

If you want alternative treatment instead of dialysis, you can consult our online doctor directly. The doctor will give you some recommendation.

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