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Why Does Dialysis Have to Always Be Done once Started

2014-09-13 08:05

Why Does Dialysis Have to Always Be Done once StartedWhen creatinine level, BUN and some other waste are far beyond the normal range, dialysis is usually recommended to take the place of your damaged kidneys to filter waste and excess fluid from body, even though you still have urine output. Because your damaged kidneys have lost its ability to remove toxins. As we all know, you have to keep on dialysis once started. But dialysis has many complications if used for long-term. Why does dialysis have to always be done once started?

Dialysis can not be stopped for CKD patients.

For chronic kidney disease patients, most of their kidneys have been severely damaged. After dialysis, creatinine and BUN gradually reach the normal level, but the damaged kidneys can still not regain their ability. Once you stop dialysis, creatinine level and BUN will go up again.

If you want to get rid of dialysis, you should repair the damaged kidneys.

If your kidney tissues are totally damaged, they can not be brought back to life. But there are small parts of kidney tissues still in the state of inflammation. If you suit the remedy to the case, it is possible for you to regain their ability.

First, you should cleanse the waste and excess fluid from the blood to prevent further damage to the kidneys. Dialysis can only remove the micromolecue waste from the blood, so it is not enough. You should take advantage of various therapies to purify the blood and reduce kidney inflammation. In western medicine, there is plasma exchange, immune absorption, hemoperfusion, etc. In TCM, there is medicated bath, circle therapy and enema therapy. These TCM therapies can not only draw out toxins from the blood, but also help you remove stasis and dilate blood vessels to improve ischemia and anoxia. We should combine western medicine and TCM to achieve a better curative effect.

Second, you should supplement the lost elements in the blood, such as vitamins and amino acids, to activate the DNA duplication in the injured cells so as to speed up their recovery.

Short-term treatment with the above treatment can help you reduce dialysis frequency and long-term treatment helps you get rid of dialysis gradually.

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