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What Can We Do to Improve Life Expectancy with Dialysis

2014-09-11 08:48

What Can We Do to Improve Life Expectancy with DialysisWhat can we do to improve life expectancy with dialysis? Life becomes harder once kidney failure patients start dialysis, as they have to suffer from various terrible side effects caused by dialysis like headache, fatigue, nausea, sleep problem and dizziness. Well, is there anything that patients can do to improve make their life easier?

To have a better life expectancy with dialysis, the following measures can be taken by the patients:

1. Adjust fluid intake

Improper fluid intake during the session of dialysis helps to reduce sufferings like low blood pressure and headache which appear easily during dialysis. How much water or fluid is needed by a dialysis patients depend on the many factors like urine output and body weight. You can consult our online doctor for related information.

2. Avoid infection on fistula

Infection on fistula may cause bleeding, fever and chill during dialysis. Dialysis needs to be stopped immediately when bleeding condition appears. Also, in severe cases, this may need patients to do surgery to have second fistula. Therefore, avoiding fistula infection is very important for the improvement of life expectancy.

3. Pay attention to daily diet

Phosphorus intake, potassium intake and sodium intake also need to be adjusted accoding to lad tests. You can send test report to kidneycares@hotmail.com to get personalized diet plan.

4. Reduce dialysis frequency

Dialysis is life-saving, but painful, so no one want to do live his rest of life by dialysis. For kidney failure patients who still have urine output, they can take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to reduce dialysis frequency. In addition, there is chance for them to get off dialysis after the treatment.

The above are the several suggestions for dialysis patients to have a better life expectancy. If you have any questions, you can contact us by leaving us a message in below.

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