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Is There Any Hope to Live A Normal Life Again with Dialysis

2014-08-21 06:07

Is There Any Hope to Live A Normal Life Again with DialysisIs there any hope to live a normal life again with dialysis? Dialysis plays an extremely important role for people with completely failed kidneys and because of dialysis, they can keep being alive. However, it is such hard to live with dialysis and patients have no endure every possible side effects caused by dialysis. Although their life span is prolonged effectively, their life quality is decreased severely. Well, is it there any hope for dialysis patients to live a normal life again?

Why is dialysis needed and what happens if one stops dialysis?

Dialysis is needed by kidney failure patients because it can clear toxins away from blood which should be done by kidney. If dialysis is not taken by a kidney failure patient, more and more toxins will build up in his kidney. Toxic substances circulate with blood and they may any part of the body, so kidney failure patients run extremely high risk for various complications. Cardiovascular disease is the most common complication of kidney failure and also the leading cause of death of kidney failure patients.

How to get rid of dialysis safely?

For patients who do not have a matched kidney, the only way for them to get rid of dialysis is to improve kidney function. It is true there is no cure for chronic kidney failure patients, but it does not mean impaired kidney function can not be improved.

An affected kidney contains totally three parts of kidney intrinsic cells: healthy kidney cells, injured kidney cells and dead kidney cells. For dead kidney intrinsic cells, their life can not be brought back to life any more, so chronic kidney failure can not be cured at all. However, for injured kidney intrinsic cells, although they are damaged, they are still alive and there is chance for the injured one to work normally again. By repairing these kidney intrinsic cells, kidney function can be improved to some extent. Dialysis is not needed any more when residual kidney function is strong enough to maintain the normal life. Therefore, there is hope for some dialysis patients to live a normal life again.

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