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Can Kidney Function Return Once Dialysis Is Started

2014-08-19 07:24

Can Kidney Function Return Once Dialysis Is StartedWith the development of kidney disease, your kidney function will become lower and lower. When your GFR is less than 15%, dialysis is needed to filter waste and excess fluid from the blood. Can kidney function return once dialysis is started?

In fact, it depends on whether you have acute kidney failure or chronic kidney failure. For people with acute kidney failure, dialysis can take away the waste from the blood, balance the electrolytes and correct metabolic acidosis, which set up a good blood environment for kidneys. In this case, kidney function can return once dialysis is started. But for people with chronic kidney failure, some of the renal cells has been damaged so severely that they lose their ability to recover. In this case, kidney function can not return once dialysis started, but with appropriate treatment, part kidney function can return.

How to improve kidney function for dialysis patients?

CKD patients have to use dialysis for long-term to maintain the function of body, but dialysis brings many side effects, such as itch skin and muscle cramp, which make many patients would rather refuse dialysis. Besides, dialysis can only expel the micromolecule waste, while the macromolecule one and medium one are still in the blood. In that case, we develop Blood Pollution Therapy. It is to use various blood purification therapies, such as HD (hemodialysis), HF (hemofiltration), HDF (hemo dialysis filtration), CAVH (continuous dynamic(static)-vein hemofiltration), CAVHD (continuous dynamic(static)-venous blood dialysis), HP (hemoperfusion), PE(plasma exchange) and IA (immune absorption). These therapies can not only cleanse the blood but also remove the stasis adhered to the vessels. In addition, we supply the missing essential elements such as trace elements, vitamins and amino acids into the blood to help the kidneys repair themselves. After systemic treatment, some of the damaged renal cells regain their ability. And then you can reduce the dialysis frequency or even avoid dialysis.

From the above we can see that kidney function can return with our treatment. If you want to know more information, please leave a message or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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