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How to Get Remission on Dialysis

2014-07-29 02:31

How to Get Remission on DialysisDialysis is life-sustaining, and owing to dialysis, many patients can survive kidney failure successfully. However, although dialysis is helpful, it is torturous. For this reason, many patients hesitate and wonder if there is solution that can help them get remission.

How does dialysis help kidney failure patients?

Dialysis actually is not a treatment for kidney failure, because kidney function can not be improved after dialysis. It is a medical procedure in which blood is drained out of the body and then filtered by a machine. During this process, some wastes like creatinine and urea nitrogen are cleared away from kidney, so blood that go back to the body is relative clean.

Kidney failure refers to the kidney condition that kidneys can not work normally as they did before. They fail to purify blood, so diagnosis of kidney failure is always accompanied with accumulation of toxins in the blood. Dialysis is applied for kidney failure patients, because dialysis can help to clear these toxins away from blood.

How to get remission on dialysis?

Dialysis can not repair kidney damages, so there is no improvement on kidney after dialysis. To get mission from dialysis, patients can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a herb-based treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy differs from dialysis and it helps kidney failure patients by improving kidney condition. In this treatment, different herbs which have been proven to be good for kidney are used together and externally. These herbs work differently and by combing them, treatment effects can be improved greatly. So far Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been used by chronic kidney failure patients from more than 64 countries. With this treatment, kidney function can be improved successfully. We know dialysis is used to purify blood, and when kidney function is improved, wastes are removed by kidney, so at that time, dialysis can be stopped, at least dialysis frequency can be reduced.

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