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Why Is A Patient Creatinine Level High When On Dialysis

2014-07-22 03:03

Why Is A Patient Creatinine Level High When On DialysisAs we all know, dialysis is an artificial kidneys which replace kidneys to remove excess wastes and fluids from the body. By definition, high creatinine level will be lowered after dialysis. However, almost all patients on dialysis still have elevated creatinine level. What is the reason?

Dialysis fails to eliminate middle molecular and macromolecular toxins from the blood. The toxins can do further damages on kidneys and speed up the deterioration of kidney function.

Apart from draining wastes and toxins from blood, kidneys have other functions like producing important hormones, regulating blood pressure and reabsorbing nutrients while dialysis have no these functions. In this case, patients on dialysis still experience high blood pressure, anemia, high potassium level in blood and renal hypoxia and ischemia state, all of which are leading factors of progressive deterioration. Thus, even if you are on dialysis, your kidneys are keeping damaged. This is also the reason of high creatinine level on dialysis.

As a result of high creatinine level on dialysis, your doctor may suggest more frequent dialysis intervals. In fact, dialysis will only make the pain worsen and it can not deal with the root of the problem-impaired kidneys and declined kidney function. Besides, dialysis also brings some side effects like headache, low blood pressure, muscle cramps, nausea and vomiting as well as infection. Therefore, many patients do not want it anymore and want to find an alternative therapy.

The alternative therapy resolves the current problems and eliminates the root causes. This therapy in China is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which aims to stop further kidney damage and improve renal function through repairing impaired kidney intrinsic cells and improving blood microcirculation, preventing renal fibrosis as well as easing renal ischemia and hypoxia. In addition, other purified therapies like Blood Pollution Therapy and Blood Purification are also applied to eliminate toxins and wastes from the blood.

In summary, dialysis is not the only choice for kidney disease patients. If you want to lower your high creatinine level fundamentally, you can consult our online experts or leave us a message below.

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