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Does Dialysis Improve GFR

2014-07-14 09:17

Does Dialysis Improve GFRDialysis may be the most common way to help kidney failure patients cleanse their blood and prolong their life. GFR is a indicator to show how well the kidneys function. When GFR decreases to 15 ml/min, dialysis is usually recommended. Does dialysis improve GFR?

Dialysis can not improve GFR.

Dialysis can take over part of your kidney function to filter waste and excess fluid from the blood. But it can not work like your own kidneys to function 24 hours every day. Besides, dialysis can only take the small molecule waste away from the blood, while the medium molecule and macromolecule toxins are still in the blood. Long-term accumulation of these waste will further damage to your kidneys so that dialysis can not improve GFR. And eventually all your kidney function disappears. In addition, dialysis has many side effects, such as skin itch, muscle cramp, infection, etc.

Alternatives to dialysis

If you would like to improve GFR, dialysis is not an ideal treatment. After years of research, we find that some therapies can help you repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. Blood Pollution Therapy is one of them. There are some similarities between dialysis and blood pollution therapy. But blood pollution therapy can cleanse your blood thoroughly, including various toxins, blood stasis and clots adhering to the vascular wall. A good blood environment is helpful for kidney self-healing. Some substances, such as various vitamins, trace elements, organic acid and amino acid will be supplemented into your blood to activate DNA in the damaged cells, which can speed up their recovery. After a period of treatment, you will find that your urine output increases, which indicates that your kidneys begin to work again.

Systemic treatment can help you reduce dialysis frequency and even avoid dialysis. If all of your kidney tissues are dead, it is impossible for you to get rid of dialysis and improve GFR. Therefore, you had better receive treatment as early as possible.

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