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When Is The Time for Dialysis

2014-07-11 08:29

When is the time for kidney failure patients to start dialysis? We all know dialysis is needed by kidney failure patients to keep blood clean, but when should they start dialysis? Should they do dialysis immediately once illness develops to end stage?

What is dialysis used for in kidney failure?

Dialysis is needed by kidney failure patients because it can replace failed kidney remove some toxins out of the body, which can help to decrease patients’ risk for serious complications like heart failure. Dialysis is not helpful, but it does not mean kidney failure patients can live their rest life well with dialysis. According to clinical statistics, the life span of dialysis patients various from several hours to decades. In some cases, patients lose their life in a few hours after dialysis because of serious complications, but in some others, patients may live as long as 20 years. Well, when is the best for kidney failure patients to do dialysis on earth?

Different options about when is the time for dialysis

In medicine, some people hold the idea that kidney failure patients should start dialysis immediately once illness develops to end stage, so as to protect healthy tissues or organ from being affected. This help to prevent deadly complications and prolong life span. However, some others have different opinion and they believe kidney failure patients need not to do dialysis at all until their life is really threatened, because with the duration of dialysis, patients’ survival rate decreases as well.

Suggestions for kidney failure patients

Kidney failure patients can choose to do dialysis earlier or later according to their illness condition, but usually if patients are in the following conditions, dialysis is needed for life safety:

1. Creatinine is higher than 5 and meanwhile they are experiencing severe skin itching, vomiting, pulmonary edema and heart failure.

2. Creatinine level is higher than 5 and meanwhile kidney problem is caused by Diabetes.

Dialysis is a must in some cases of kidney failure, but it does not mean patients can not get off dialysis once they start. For people who start dialysis recently and also they still have good urine volume, there is great chance for them to get their kidney function improved. Dialysis is used to replace failed kidney cleanse blood, so when kidney function is improved, patients can stop dialysis gradually under doctor’s guidance.

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