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What Can Help with Extreme Itch When Dialysis Leaves High Levels of Phosphorus in Body

2014-06-27 03:33

What Can Help with Extreme Itch When Dialysis Leaves High Levels of Phosphorus in BodyDialysis prolongs the life of kidney failure patients, but at the same time it brings many new problems, such as skin itch. Skin itch is a common side effect of dialysis, because dialysis often leaves high levels of phosphorus in body. What can help with extreme itch? So far, the common treatment for skin itch caused by high phosphorus level includes the following aspects:

1. Patients should limit their intake of food high in phosphorus. Generally speaking, it is recommended to consume less than 600 to 200 mg/d phosphorus. Food such as bean products and pluck had better be avoided.

2. You should also supplement moderate vitamin D to increase the absorption of calcium in the blood. When calcium level is high, phosphorus level comes down.

3. You should regulate the calcium concentration in dialysate to certain extent in case of hypercalcemia.

4. Phosphate binder can reduce the absorption to phosphorus and you can take some phosphorus binder with your diet.

5. You should change the ways to scratch. You had better pat the itchy part and cut your nails frequently in cause of infection to the fistula.

Alternatives to dialysis

Besides skin itch, dialysis can only filter the waste of micromolecule from the blood, so waste of the middle molecule and macromolecule remain in the blood, which is not helpful for protecting your kidney function. Therefore, many patients refuse to do dialysis. Here we introduce an alternative to dialysis, that is, Blood Pollution Therapy. It can cleanse all the waste from the blood, even the stasis on the blood vessels so as to provide a clean blood environment for kidney self-healing. Besides, it can supplement the necessary substances to activate the DNA in the damaged cells and speed up their recovery.

With Blood Pollution Therapy, your damaged kidneys can regain their ability so that you can reduce dialysis frequency even avoid dialysis. For more information, please contact online doctor.

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