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Abdominal Pain During Peritoneal Dialysis: What Is the Problem

2014-06-25 03:35

Abdominal Pain During Peritoneal Dialysis: What Is the ProblemFor kidney failure patients, peritoneal dialysis is not uncommon. It makes use of your peritoneal membrane to filter wastes and extra fluid from your body. But sometimes abdominal pain occurs during peritoneal dialysis. What is the problem? If you would like to know more corresponding information, please go on reading.

What causes abdominal pain for peritoneal dialysis patients?

-Peritonitis may contribute to your abdominal pain. It is an infection of the peritoneal membrane, caused by bacteria entering through the catheter. This can happen when patients touch the open ends of the connections between the bag of dialysis fluid and the catheter.

In the daily, in order to reduce the chance of getting peritonitis, you should follow correct dialysis exchange procedures. And if you have got peritonitis, the common treatment is to add antibiotics to fresh dialysis fluid. Sometimes, you may require the peritoneal dialysis catheter be replaced.

-The patients may also experience pain if the dialysate is too acidic, too cold or introduced too quickly. And severe pain in the rectum can be the result of an improperly placed catheter.

Alternative treatment for peritoneal dialysis patients

Peritoneal dialysis provides nearly 10 percent of normal kidney function, but it can not reverse your kidney failure. Besides abdominal pain, there are some other side effects, such as infection, hernia, poor drainage of the dialysis fluid, etc. If you can improve your kidney function, you can get rid of dialysis and live a relatively normal life.

For kidney failure patients, there are some other treatment, such as Blood Pollution Therapy. This therapy can help your body to cleanse toxins from the blood and recover the polluted blood system so as to provide enough oxygen and nutrient to the damaged kidneys. Beside, we will supplement the essential substances into the blood to activate the DNA of damaged cells and speed up their recovery. When your damaged kidneys repair, you can live without dialysis.

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