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Why Does Dialysis Make You Tired

2014-06-24 07:31

Why Does Dialysis Make You TiredWhy does a person feel so tired after he received a dialysis treatment? With adequate dialysis, you should feel well, look healthy and can do the things you want to do as well as have a good appetite. Tiredness and fatigue may occur when you may not be getting enough dialysis. Here we will tell you the reason of tiredness in dialysis.

What is the reason of tiredness in dialysis?

1. Inadequate oxygen to the muscles

The blood is drained from the body and this includes blood vessels supplying blood to the muscles. When the blood is removed from the muscles, they do not receive oxygen and thus patients usually have no energy and feel tired.

2. Low blood pressure

Dialysis will remove too much fluid from the body too quickly, thus leading to low blood pressure. In addition, low blood pressure also occurs when you eat hypotensive drugs before dialysis.

3. Inadequate dialysis

Feeling weak and tired all the time is a sign that you may not be getting enough dialysis. If you are not getting enough dialysis, ask your doctor if you should have your dose of dialysis increased.

4. Anemia associated with tiredness

Anemia is a common symptom among dialysis patients and kidney disease patients. Damaged kidneys cannot make enough hormones-erythropoietin (EPO) which is responsible for secreting red blood cells to transport oxygen and nutrients to your body, so you feel tired easily.

5. Malnutrition 

A restricted diet is able to slow down kidney disease’s progression. However, due to limited diet, most people may suffer from malnutrition and you will feel tired.

In addition, some other factors can also cause fatigue and tiredness in dialysis. For example, lack of exercise, side effects of some medicines and poor sleep quality, etc can all contribute to tiredness after you tale dialysis.

Tiredness in different people can be caused by different causes, so if you would like to know your personal tiredness, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online experts directly.

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