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Causes And Management Of Appetite Problems In Dialysis Patients

2014-06-07 02:09

Causes And Management Of Appetite Problems In Dialysis PatientsAppetite problems like poor appetite, vomiting and nauseas are often suffered by dialysis patients. With appetite problems, people become more fatigue and thinner. Well then, what are the causes of poor appetite in dialysis patients and how to deal with this problem.

1. What are the causes of appetite problems in dialysis?

Appetite problems can be caused by several reasons, such as

Anemia and the frequent dialysis may make you very tired and make you have no mood to eat

Once you have kidney disease, you usually take many medications to control relative symptoms. Appetite problem can be side effect of certain medications.

Dialysis sometimes cannot filter wastes and toxic substances from your body fully so that there are still wastes and toxins piling up in your body, which is the root cause of appetite problems suffered by dialysis patients.

2. How to manage appetite problems in kidney dialysis?

As mentioned above, dialysis does not remove all wastes and toxic substances from the body fully, because dialysis can only be responsible for 15% of kidney function. For this reason, repairing kidney its own function is the right way to remedy appetite effectively. We apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy to repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function. Stem cells can divide into new renal intrinsic cells to replace the impaired and necrotic ones. When the impaired cells are replaced with healthy ones, the kidney structure will be restored. In this way, renal function will be boosted and you will get rid of dialysis. Poor appetite in dialysis will be relieved. In addition, when renal function is improved, wastes and toxins will be removed from the body, and thus appetite problems can also be dealt with.

Besides, keeping a good mood is also helpful for stimulating appetite. In a word, with improved kidney function, you will say goodbye to all symptoms in kidney disease.

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