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Can You Quit Dialysis After Starting It

2014-05-30 02:45

Can You Quit Dialysis After Starting ItKidney dialysis removes toxins and wastes from the blood, and it can be life sustaining. Most people ask us if they can quit dialysis after starting it. Actually people can stop dialysis if a person with kidney failure find a successful treatment. Well what treatment can replace dialysis?

Dialysis is just an artificial kidneys and helps failed kidneys remove toxins and toxins from the body. Therefore, your kidney function still does not be improved after dialysis. In addition, once one begins dialysis, he needs to do it regularly. What’s worse, long-term of dialysis will lead to serious complications like low blood pressure, muscle cramps, itchy skin and headache, as well as anemia, constipation as well as coma, etc. Serious side effect of dialysis is the reason why patients want to stop dialysis after starting it.

As long as you take right treatment, it is possible for you to quit dialysis. What is the right remedy? The right treatment is to repair injured kidneys and improve kidney function. If you just take medications to control your symptoms, you have no chance to get rid of dialysis, because it does not target at solving the root problem of kidney disease. It is a reason why kidney disease is a incurable disease. However, our hospital find that the root problem of kidney disease is the damaged kidneys, so we make great breakthroughs in healing kidney disease. In recent years, Immnuotherapy has been proven to be effective in recovering kidney function. As long as your kidney function is not lower than 15%, you are more likely to avoid dialysis. However, it does not mean every can definitely get rid of dialysis due to their different illness conditions. We can guarantee your life quality will be improved and kidney disease is not life-threatening.

We can help you quit dialysis after starting it. For further information on our treatment, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or talk with our online experts face to face. We are happy to help you.

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