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Low Blood Pressure And Dialysis

2014-05-25 02:59

Low Blood Pressure And DialysisA sudden drop in blood pressure while undergoing dialysis has long vexed many kidney patients. Well then, what causes low blood pressure and how to manage this case?

What causes low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure or hypotension is one of the most common side effects of dialysis. We know dialysis will remove too much fluid from the blood, low blood pressure occurs. This leads to pressure to drop. In this condition, nausea and dizziness will happen too. Besides, if high blood pressure medications are used before treatment, which will also cause further drops in pressure and more discomfort. Patients who drinks more than what is advised need to have more fluid removed which can result in nausea and dizziness.

How to treat low blood pressure during dialysis?

1. Keep to your daily fluid intake recommendations

2. Reduce the frequence of dialysis

Most people may think once they start dialysis, they will never reduce the frequency of dialysis. In other countries, it is true. However, as long as you treat your kidney disease in Shi Jiazhang Specialized Kidney Disease Hospital located in China, you have the chance to decrease your dialysis frequency or even stop dialysis. In our hospital, we use a systematic Chinese herbal Medicine Therapy including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Acupuncture, Enema and so on to repair your damaged kidney disease and improve your kidney function. With improved kidney function, your medical conditions will be alleviated and thus low blood pressure will be eased naturally.

3. Proper diet

Dialysis can cause loss of protein and other nutrition, therefore patients should increase protein intake. Furthermore, a high calory, high vitamin, high calcium, low fat, low phosphorus and water limitation is recommended for dialysis patients.

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