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What Is The Treatment To Rid Toxins Before Dialysis

2014-05-24 01:30

What Is The Treatment To Rid Toxins Before DialysisIn Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), the kidneys fail to get rid of toxins ou of the body. As a result, too many toxins will pile up in your body, causing pollution of your blood. Dialysis is often used to rid toxins to purify the bloodstream. However, many people reject dialysis due to its serious side effects such as vomiting, nausea, stroke and infection, etc. So what is the treatment to rid toxins before dialysis?

First, foods cleanse the body naturally.

The best way to change your health is to change your diet. When we do not take care of our body and fail to supply proper nutrients, we suffer from digestive problems and immune system problems.

Cleansing foods such as cabbage, carrot, cauliflower and celery are all detoxers. These foods will help your body eliminate toxic substances through your stool and urine.

Green leaf vegetables like kale and cabbage also help remove toxic substances from the blood. Fruits and and fruit juice can help to dissolve the accumulation of toxic substances before eliminating it through the excretory system. The best fruits with unique function are plums, apples, tomatoes, lemons, oranges. However, if you have high potassium level in blood, you should consult your doctor before eating these fruits.

Second, herbs cleanse the body naturally.

The radical cause of toxins in your body is the kidney damage. In this case, we should take treatment to repair damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. With regard to this, we apply Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can provide necessary nutrients and oxygen as well as blood for kidneys. The active ingredients in this therapy have the function of blood vessels dilation, inflammation and coagulation prevention, stopping renal fibrosis to prevent kidney damage. In this way, renal function can be improved gradually and thus toxins will be removed naturally.

Without dialysis, toxins in your blood can be removed through diet and herbal treatment. If you want to learn detailed information, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or consult our online doctor.

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