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Is There A Miracle Cure For Kidney Dialysis

2014-05-18 07:19

Is There A Miracle Cure For Kidney DialysisDialysis is usually offered for kidney disease patients. Is there a miracle cure for kidney dialysis? Actually this is very rare of dialysis to treat kidney disease successfully. And the following we will tell you the reason why dialysis is not an outstanding treatment for people with kidney disease patients.

Why dialysis is not a miracle cure for kidney disease patients?

Dialysis is an artificial kidney and refers to a medical procedure where dialysis machine is used to replace failed kidneys to filter blood outside patient’s body. Dialysis machine can make excess fluids and wastes produced by our body separated from our blood. Normally, kidneys can purify blood and remove wastes. However, for kidney failure patients, their kidneys are damaged seriously and injured kidney function can not perform well. As a result, wastes and excess fluid will build up in the blood. Dialysis can help renal failure patients to purify blood and protect the internal organs from being damaged by the toxins.

However, dialysis is just a life-saving remedy for kidney failure patients, it is not a radical management to repair injured kidney and improve kidney function. In this light, dialysis is not a miracle cure for kidney failure patients.

What is a miracle cure for people with kidney failure?

Although kidney failure is not reversible, there is still a treatment to improve kidney function by a large margin by repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells. This therapy is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which can help to repair intrinsic cells. When these injured kidney cells perform function again, kidney function gets improved to some extent. Compared with dialysis, this treatment not only alleviates related symptoms but also improves kidney function effectively. When renal function is improved and people who have not started dialysis, it enables them to live a longer time without dialysis. And for those who are on dialysis, dialysis frequence can be reduced greatly after kidney function is elevated. Therefore, Chinese herbal medicine remedy is a miracle cure for kidney failure patients instead of dialysis.

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