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Is Dialysis Treatment Effective For Autoimmune Kidney Diseases

2014-05-14 03:40

Is Dialysis Treatment Effective For Autoimmune Kidney DiseasesAutoimmune disease is such a disease that your immune system is disordered or low. Autoimmune kidney disease like IgA Nephropathy and Lupus Nephritis occurs when immune system is disturbed, and it fails to combat and clean harmful substances. In this condition, your body will have inflammatory reaction and organ damage. Dialysis helps to clean harmful and waste substances out of your body. However, it fails to regulate your immune system. In view of this, dialysis is not effective for autoimmune kidney diseases.

What is the effective remedy for autoimmune diseases?

The effective remedy focuses on regulating and/or enhancing immune system. As long as your immune system is enhanced, your body could combat and clean toxic and wasteful substances so as to reduce the risk of kidney disease. To achieve this therapeutic effect, we recommend Immunotherapy for balancing immune system.

Immunotherapy consists of six steps, namely Immune Diagnosis, Immune Tolerance, Immune Clearance, Immune Adjustment, Immune Protection and Immune blockage. And each step has its own effects.

Immune diagnosis: we use our special diagnosis ways like urinary protein component test and renal tubular epithelial cells in urine test to find out which part of your kidney is damaged.

Immune blocking: In this step, immunosuppression is used to stop production of abnormal antibodies and immune complexes as well as inflammation.

Immune clearance: dialysis and other advanced blood purification techniques are applied to dispose circulating immune abnormalities and other wastes in bloodstream, which provides a puring inner environment.

Immune regulation: It is the immune disorder or dysfunction that causes the appearance of immune complexes and damages on the kidneys. Chinese herbal medicines are applied with therapeutic effects of rectifying the immune system, increasing immunity, repairing impaired kidneys and improving renal function.

Immune protection: patients also need to focus on daily nursing and do exercises as well as do regular check up to rebuild up their immune system.

Compared to dialysis, immunotherapy can not only clean out wastes and toxins from the blood, but also regulate your immune system. Rectifying immunity is the radical treatment for autoimmune diseases.

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