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Dialysis And Diarrhea

2014-04-22 09:52

Dialysis And DiarrheaPatients on dialysis are very easy to suffer from diarrhea, and many patients on dialysis are very confused about it. Here we will explain how it happens and how to alleviate diarrhea.

Causes of diarrhea.

1. Allergy

If patients on dialysis are allergic to some food, they can have diarrhea when eating these food.

2. High blood sugar

High blood sugar can makes food digested slowly, very prone to causing production of bacterium in digestive system. In this case, diarrhea can be caused.

3. Dialysis

When patients have done dialysis for a ling time, the below can occur:


Abdominal adhesions

Peritoneal sclerosis


In this case, diarrhea can be caused at last.

4. Medicines

As some medicines should be taken by patients with dialysis, these medicines may cause side effects, leading to diarrhea.

5. Clean food

If patients on dialysis have unclean food, it is very possible to result in diarrhea.

Then how should patients on dialysis treat diarrhea?

Firstly, eating a healthy and clean diet should be followed by patients on dialysis.

Then getting treatment to avoid dialysis which has som many bad side effects like low blood pressure, muscle cramps and skin problems. Chinese medicines can be the best option for kidney disease. It can repair kidney damage and recover kidney function, making patients with kidney disease avoid dialysis finally.

The specific properties of Chinese medicines:

1. Promotion of blood circulation

2. Extension of blood vessels

3. Prevention of kidney inflammation]

4. Restoration of kidney damage

5. Supplement of many nutrients

With Chinese medicines, diarrhea can be alleviated very well, and kidney function can be recovered gradually, avoiding dialysis.

If you have any question or want to get more information about dialysis or kidney disease, contact us freely any time, and we are very pleased that we can help you solve the problems,

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