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How Many Years People Can live with Dialysis

2014-04-15 07:01

How Many Years People Can live with DialysisPatients on dialysis are very concerned that how many years they can live. Here we will make a specific explanation for you, hoping useful and helpful.

Prior to the point, know why dialysis is needed.

When kidney disease develops into stage 4 or 5, dialysis may be recommended. Because when kidney function declines to very less or get lost completely, wastes and toxins in body can’t be removed. In this case, dialysis need to be as a replacement to help filter the blood, eliminating wastes and toxins.

Now get to the point.

According to research and statistics, life span of patients on dialysis is about 4 years on average. Rate of living within one year is about 80%. And 64% of patients on dialysis can live for two years. But 33% can live for five years and only 10% can survive for 10 years.

Thus, we can know life span of patients on dialysis depends on specific conditions, which can be influenced by many factors.

As a consequent, there is no definite answer to this question, what patients on dialysis can do is to get treated effectively, prolonging life span.

How to prolong life?

Dialysis only can filter the blood, and has no obvious effects on repairing kidney. If patients on dialysis want to prolong life, recovery of kidney function is very necessary. Hot compress therapy can achieve this aim after they get treated with Hot compress therapy for a long time. When kidney function revives, wastes can be removed and symptoms or complications can be alleviated. Thus, longer life span can be achieved at last.

Patients on dialysis are really worthy trying Hot compress therapy to repair kidney damage and recover kidney function, prolonging life span. If you want to know more about dialysis or any question, contact us freely.

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